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Javier Alvarez possesses expertise and experience in the carwash industry since 1997 to the present, Mr. Alvarez opened the doors of Showroom Detail in January 2014, after many years in the field as a manager for various locations throughout San Diego and owning a mobil detail company while managing car wash facilities. Throughout his journey in the carwash field, Mr. Alvarez has developed many skills in the industry and experienced the wants and needs of customers. Showroom Detail was in the works for Mr. Alvarez for the past 3 years; his purpose in the making of Showroom Detail is to set a new trend in the car wash industry, by having a one stop shop, where customers have the option to purchase from a basic wash, to a complete detail, window tinting, upholstery, and bumper repair.

The purpose of the initiation of Show Room Detail was not intended to be the typical car wash facility but a place where our customers can be at ease and allow Showroom Detail to protect and take care of your second largest investment.

Showroom Detail’s mission is to efficiently deliver the highest quality product with an exceptional value, giving a superb quality of service and an unparalleled experience to our customers, giving them every reason to stay loyal to Showroom Detail.

Mr. Alvarez words state ”I thank all my loyal customers that have followed me throughout my journey in the car wash industry, I will continue to serve everyone with the same quality of service I’ve been providing for last 17 years in the industry, and I expect Showroom Detail to fulfill the needs of all my customers, Thank You.”
Porsche Cayenne being detailed at the shop
Porsche detailed at home

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